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About Us

At the center of our journey is a story of dedication and tenacity, threaded with unrelenting effort and unflinching commitment. A decade ago, a seed of ambition was sprouted, fueled by the desire to offer healing and hope to countless people. Thus, our tiny pharmaceutical firm began its journey, driven by a passionate desire to make a difference. Leezon Healthcare is one of the leading company situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for about a decade, corporate office in Mumbai and now head office in indore. Our journey has been exciting and rewarding, with a strong track record spanning multiple products, customers, and teams


The road was tough, characterized by innumerable difficulties and problems that challenged our commitment, but we have expanded our operating in Madhya Pradesh during the previous year and now we have worked with another organization called as Leezon Healthcare MJN Pvt Ltd. Located in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), we emerged stronger with each challenge, inspired by a spirit that refused to give in to adversity. Long evenings progressed into early mornings as we sweated and toiled over every facet of our project. Every step of the process, from developing new treatments to negotiating the complexities of distribution and marketing, demonstrated our unwavering commitment to quality.

  • But, in the midst of the trials, we found solace in the outpouring of love, care, and support, and Leezon Healthcare began manufacturing and marketing formulas for a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products. In a few years, the organization will be at the top of the Indian pharmaceutical production business. From the devoted team members who shared our vision to the faithful consumers who trusted us with their well-being, each person served as a pillar of strength throughout our journey.Leezon Healthcare’s leaders are tremendously ambitious. They understand the value of developing relationships that reflect a culture of uncompromising ethics and mutual respect. Positive, focused, and committed people can form a happy and contented team that can serve to improve people’s health and develop a fantastic organization.

Furthermore, we serve nearly 40 items throughout Rajasthan and certain parts of Madhya Pradesh, and we generate nearly 1 crore in revenue each year. We deal in a variety of specialist items, including respiratory, digestive, urological, pain treatment, and pediatric segments. We are primarily concerned with providing the greatest quality products at an affordable price for the benefit of all patients, and this has been our primary concern since the beginning. This is also regarded one of our unique selling points. On account of that, we anticipate receiving the greatest possible help and direction from the Madhya Pradesh government in the near future, allowing us to expand our business in the state. We also intend to open a manufacturing plant in Madhya Pradesh in the near future, and with your assistance, we are prepared to do so in Indore and Ujjain.

It is a monument to the power of dreams and the unwavering determination of those who dare to pursue them. And when we reflect on our path, we are grateful for every moment of suffering, for it is in overcoming adversity that true strength is discovered.

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Within our pharma family, your health is not just our priority; it's our heartfelt commitment, guiding every action we take.


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